Cello Warriors

How does it sound?

HOW DOES COURAGE SOUND? Do you know the 8 Cello Warriors? They are strong, flexible, and dexterous. Armed with cello and bow, they go to war. They take on every challenge they encounter on their journey: the great danger, the unknown and the bear on the road. The Cello Warriors clatter their bows like swords. They iron out a labyrinth of unknown sounds from their cellos in which the opponent gets lost. With humor and exciting music, the Cello Warriors move gracefully through the battle. What power do you need to be a warrior?

Cello Warriors is a 3-part of 3 short concerts, directed by 3 choreographers, about acting tough and being vulnerable, winning and losing, and the power of music. With compositions by Bartók, Ligeti and Glass. Cello Warriors has been nominated for the Zapp Theater Award 2019.

Recommended age: 6 to 106
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Cello Warriors is a 3-part of 3 short concerts, directed by 3 choreographers. Inspired by the various compositions, each choreographer has designed his own vision on the theme of 'cello warriors'. Both the music and the choreography are performed by the Cello Octet Amsterdam. The three self-contained pieces contain a dynamic mix of live music, humour, tension and the magic of 8 dancing cellists.

The triptych consists of:
'Musica Ricercata' by Gyorgy Ligeti in choreography of Jochem Stavenuiter
'Romanian Dances' by Bela Bartók in choreography of Josephine van Rheenen
'Dracula' from Phillip Glass in choreography of Pim Veulings

On the stage

On the stage

CELLO OCTET AMSTERDAM is a unique and versatile ensemble consisting of 8 top cellists. CELLO OCTET AMSTERDAM previously made the production at Oorkaan Cello storm, which has played worldwide and has been nominated for a YEAH and a YAM award, European prizes for the best music performance for a young audience. The eight top cellists stand for new music and special collaborations, with composers such as Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass, and artists from various disciplines. www.cellooctet.com

Cello Octet Amsterdam Sanne Bijker, Claire Bleumer, Rares Mihailescu, René van Munster, Sanne van der Horst, Alistair Sung, Simon Velthuis, Esther Torrenga.

behind the scenes

choreographers Jochem Stavenuiter, Josephine van Rheenen, Pim Veulings
final direction Jochem Stavenuiter
dramaturgy Erin Coppens
scenography Sanne Oostervink
production management Selma Hanzon-Keijzer 
lighting design Tim van 't Hof
artistic direction Caecilia Thunnissen & Sanne Bijker

Cello Warriors premiered at the Cello Biennale Amsterdam.



Pim Veulings did his bachelor's degree in dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. He started his career as a dancer with Dutch National Opera & Ballet. He has worked as a dancer for Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Opera Vlaanderen, Stage Entertainment and Welsh National Opera, among others. As choreography assistant to Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, he collaborated with fashion duo Viktor and Rolf and assisted Armando Braswell of Gauthier dance (Stuttgart). Pim has worked as a choreographer for Codarts, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Scapino's Twools Unlimited, theater M-Lab, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Orkater, Via Berlin and Fontys University of the Arts, among others. At Oorkaan he was previously involved as a choreographer in the production The Peanut Butter Prince.

Jochem Stavenuiter is the artistic director of Mimetheatergroep Bambie, the group he founded in 1995 together with Paul van der Laan. From 2014 to 2016 he was an actor associated with the Noord Nederlands Toneel under artistic director Ola Mafaalani. Last season, Bambie played the production with the Eef van Breen Group Bambi is Back. This production, which recently played at Oerol, has been nominated for the Mime Prize 2018. Jochem Stavenuiter previously made the successful productions at Oorkaan The Suleikas and the Mystery of the Sensitive String with Trio Suleika and Mr. Sax's Square with the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet.

Josephine van Rheenen followed the Dance in Education course at the Amsterdam Theater School and immediately after her studies started as a dancer with youth dance company De Dansers. After 5 years on stage with the companies De Dansers, Vloeistof and Breekgoed, she succeeded Wies Merkx as artistic leader of De Dansers in 2014, together with Guy Corneille. Since then she has been making her own work for De Dansers for both children and young people. The Dancers themselves call their dance performances dance concerts: organic gatherings of modern dance and live music. As a choreographer, Josephine searches for humanity in dance and strives for an intuitive dance language that is based on simple instincts. Openness, surrender, interaction are keywords in her work.

The music

Into the Music Cello Warriors:

Gyorgy Ligeti (1923-2006)
Musica Ricercata
arr.Claire Bleumer
I. Sostenuto–Misurato–Prestissimo
VII. Cantabile, molto legato
X. Vivace. Capriccioso
VI. Allegro molto capriccioso

Bela Bartók (1881-1945)
'Romanian Dances'
Arr. Marijn van Prooijen
I. Bot tánc – Jocul cu bâtă (Stick Dance)
II. Braul (Sash Dance)
III. Topogó – Pe loc (In One Spot)
IV. Bucsumi tánc – Buciumeana (Dance from Bucsum)
V. Román polka – Poarga Românească (Romanian Polka)
VI. Aprózó–Mărunțel (Fast Dance)

Phillip Glass
'Dracula Suite'
arr.Michael Riesman
Journey to the inn
Carriage without driver
Dr. van Helsing & Dracula
Seward Sanatorium

For at home

Cello Warriors Oorkaan Cello Octet Amsterdam Classic for children


What is a triptych? A triptych is a three-part work of art. This can be a painting in 3 parts, but also 3 stories in 3 books that belong together. In Cello Warriors 3 short concerts together form a triptych. Do you also want to make a triptych? Which can! For example, you can take 3 photos of 3 warrior poses, or of 3 true warriors, but they belong together. Have your mom or dad mail it to info@oorkaan.nl and the one with the coolest triptych has a chance to win free tickets for an Oorkaan concert!

“In three sparkling choreographies, the cello is used as a weapon and shield, not only while sitting, but also lying down and walking, and played at a high level in space.”
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Upcoming concerts

Oorkaan Ensemble
10:00 am,

De Haere estate, Olst

The day dad fell
with Matteo Paggi and Aviv Noam
10:00 am,

Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
Canal Festival

with the Maat Saxophone Quartet
2:00 p.m.,

Likeminds, Amsterdam
Canal Festival

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