Oorkaan aims to enrich as many small and large ears as possible with the infinite world of music. 

Oorkaan talks about 'global classical music'. The Council for Culture on this ambition: 'The Council appreciates the strong motivation expressed in the plan to program broadly and to abandon the traditional classification of musical genres. The term 'global classical music' does justice to a more inclusive canon, appropriate to contemporary society.'

This page lists the music that can be heard in the productions with the Oorkaan Ensemble.

Tempo - the music

Tempo - the music

After the successful productions 'Whoop Whoop(s)!', based on Turkish music, and 'Gong and the Four Noses', based on Indonesian gamelan, the Oorkaan Ensemble for this performance in the canon of Western music. Great composers for small ears.  You hear Beethoven, Brahms and Ravel and much more! The program is packed with beautiful and timeless music, written during the Renaissance, Baroque or Romantic periods, or just last week! In arrangements specially tailored for the special instrumentation of the Oorkaan Ensemble. A theatrical concert with original classical repertoire, in which listeners of all sizes will be surprised and enchanted.  

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Gong and the four noses - the music

  • Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918) Estampes, L.100, I. Pagodes (1903) (arr. Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe)
  • Michele Mazzini (1995) Due Nasi – I. Primo Naso (2022)
  • Sinta Wullur (1958) Si Empat (2022)
  • Michele Mazzini (1995) Due Nasi – II. Secondo Naso (2022)
  • Ki Nartosabdo (1925 – 1985) Swara Suling (arr. Lars van der Meer / Oorkaan Ensemble)
  • Ivan Gunawan (1973) Gembyangan (arr. Iwan Gunawan) (2011)
  • Song Martohartono (1917 – 2010) Bengawan Solo (arr. Filipus Wisnumurti Pranoto) (1940)

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Whoop Whoop(s)! - the music

Rondo (a bit more) alla Turca (1783/2021)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arr. Steven Kamperman (1970)
Four (2021) – Emre Sihan Kaleli (1987)
Four Colors (2021) –Steven Kamperman (1970)

  • Mavi (Turkish Blue)
  • Turkuaz (green)
  • Kırmızı (red)
  • Sarı (yellow)

Dört Şehir, III. Ankara (2012) – Fazıl Say (1970), arr. Oorkaan Ensemble
(copyrighted arrangement Oorkaan Ensemble, granted by Schott Music, Mainz – Germany
grants this arrangement only in connection with the project “Whoop whoop(s).”
With kind permission of Schott Music, Mainz, Germany

Katibim – Trad.
Black Sea Suite – (2021) Steven Kamperman (1970)
Ceçen Kızı – Tanburi Cemil Bey (1873 /1916)

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