Talent development has been an important pillar of Oorkaan for more than 20 years. In 2009, Productiehuis Jeugdconcerten and Werkplaats Oorproeven merged to form Oorkaan as we know it today. At the time, Werkplaats Oorproeven was already a breeding ground where creators and musicians could freely create innovative concerts for young audiences. This has resulted in a solid and innovative development branch: since 2016, we have organized national and international talent development programs, including at conservatories.

By organizing talent development programs, master classes, on-demand training and with the Jeunesse-Oorkaan-Academy in Vienna, Oorkaan aims to train creators (directors, choreographers, mime makers, etc.) with a specific interest in music and virtuoso musicians in the internationally recognized Oorkaan Method 

Together with our Austrian partners Youth Wien, the MUK and Campus Grafenegg we annually train four ensembles and four creators in the Oorkaan Method. These participants are selected by an international committee. You can find more about this academy here. 

With our talent development programs, we are innovating with these next generation musicians, ensembles and creators the music industry. 

In the spring of 2022, the  Oorkaan the pilot project "Ensemble XL" out, in which eight young musicians were trained in the physical Oorkaan acting style and explored the possibilities of the Oorkaan Method with a large ensemble of very diverse instruments. The intention is to offer this as a talent development program for musicians as a "spring intensive" once every two years to interested top musicians.