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For all its productions, Oorkaan develops appropriate educational material that connects to the three core objectives of education: music to express and communicate feelings and experiences; reflecting on one's own work and that of others; acquiring knowledge and appreciation for aspects of cultural heritage. A professional education specialist will put together an education kit that the teacher can give in class in preparation for the concert visit. The education material consists of receptive- and active music education around the visit to a concert.

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Edge programming

Edge programming

Oorkaan likes to complete the concert experience with peripheral programming. Offering, for example, a workshop or meet & greet with the musicians adds something to the experience of the theatrical concert. Children come into contact with live music in a different way. Everything is possible at Oorkaan. We are happy to create a fringe program tailored to your needs. From a short meet & greet after the performance, to a mini music festival, we like to think along with the possibilities!



In addition to the theatrical concerts, Oorkaan has also created radio plays that develop children's listening skills. Listen to one of our radio plays here. To give children not only the magic of listening to a radio play, but also the pleasure of creating it themselves, Oorkaan offers the workshop 'Audience in the Classroom'. This can be booked separately from a visit to a school concert. During the workshop the children will create their own radio play under the guidance of the Oorkaan workshop leader(s).

A radio play consists of 3 elements: music, text and sound. The radio plays are recorded in a mobile recording studio that is taken to the classroom. The children's radio plays are published online. This allows the children to re-listen to their own radio play, listen to those of the other groups and, in addition, to their parents, grandparents or tutors at home.

The workshop is structured according to the stages of the creative process (SLO, 2019) in which the six musical domains (10forteacher, 2022) are addressed. The six domains are singing, playing, moving, listening, reading and notating, composing and improvising. They learn to use these elements to express feelings, to communicate with them and to reflect on their own work and that of others.


To book school performances (including workshops/teaching materials), please contact: Sylvenzo Bijlhout (Bookings Manager) via the button below. Would you rather contact us by telephone? Call +31 20 244 0 218.

Archive of educational materials

Importance of music education

The experience of art, including music, has its own unique contribution to the functioning of the brain. Knowing more? Click HERE for more background information on how music develops the top functions of the child's brain.

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The Oorkaan school concerts are made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Performing Arts Fund and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.