Oorkaan is a music company of professional creators that has been allowing small and large ears to discover the infinite world of music for over 20 years. Oorkaan originated in 2001 in the Small Hall of the Royal Concertgebouw, from the need to bring the musical offerings for young people in a more attractive way. In 2015, artistic director Caecilia Thunnissen introduced the Oorkaan Method, a unique way of making and playing. This defined Oorkaan's current artistic signature and developed the theatrical concert to an internationally recognized level at Oorkaan. As one of the few youth companies, Oorkaan gives music and musicians the lead role. Since 2021, we also have our own ensemble. Our renowned method was developed to create theatrical concerts with only musicians on stage playing the music from memory. They are on stage as physical players, music is their language, there is no speaking. We do this with top musicians from our own Oorkaan Ensemble and with guest ensembles and orchestras. 

Based in Amsterdam, Oorkaan tours theaters, festivals, schools and special venues throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Annually about 40,000 people visit one of the 200 Oorkaan performances. Oorkaan is housed in De Kempenaerstudio's, a cultural breeding ground in a former school building in West. We make our productions in the rehearsal studio and train new talent. 


Mission vision

Oorkaan wants to include all children of all levels and all social and cultural backgrounds
to the infinite world of music, past and present. In doing so, we rely on four pillars: develop, make, play and deepen. Read more about mission and vision here.

For twenty years, Oorkaan has been the only institution in the Netherlands specialized in music for a young audience that creates music performances at an internationally high level. Director Caecilia Thunnissen developed "the Oorkaan method" upon her appointment as artistic director in 2015. Read more about the Oorkaan Method and the Oorkaan Master Classes here.

Oorkaan invests in building new audiences and in the talent development of makers and young talented musicians. At Oorkaan they are given the space within the OTOPs (Oorkaan Talent Development Programs) to develop a new vision of making and playing for young and old. Read more about talent development here.

Every year we play school concerts for over 9,000 schoolchildren. These are usually children who do not have access to (live) music. Around the productions, in-depth educational programs are developed for the stages, for in the classroom (the concert hall as a classroom) and online for at home. Read more about the educational programs here.

The theatrical concerts are recurrently programmed worldwide by such concert halls, festivals and houses as Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Philharmonie Köln, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) New York, Kennedy Center Washington D.C., Art Space for Kids China, Philharmonie Luxembourg, deSingel Antwerp, Konzerthaus Wien, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, RomaEuropa and Salzburger Festspiele.

In recent years we have won several (international) awards and nominations for best musical productions for young audiences, such as the YAM Award and the Zapp Theater Prize. View the entire list here. 



Since 2015, Caecilia Thunnissen has been the artistic director of Oorkaan and developed the 'Oorkaan method', an internationally recognized method of creating theatrical concerts from music. In 2020 she won the YAMawards 2020 with Kriebel/tickle (2+), an international co-production of Oorkaan, Dutch National Opera and the Philharmonie Luxembourg. She also made Laat me met rust! (2017) the family concerts with the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and the Concertgebouw Orchestra Muzikale Catwalk  (2017), Romeo & Juliet (2018) and Tarantula en de Dans der Dieren (2018). caeciliathunnissen.com


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