About The Chain

In recent years, the theme of diversity & inclusion has been high on the agenda of music company Oorkaan, just like many partners in the classical music sector. The joint conclusion is that despite many initiatives, the audience in the hall, the musicians on stage and the employees behind the scenes and in the organizations do not yet form a reflection of society. 

Not only Oorkaan, but many venues, orchestras, ensembles, music schools and conservatories are struggling with this theme, which solutions will contribute to this urgent topic for the long term? We will have to take action together.  Read more about our goals HERE.

The Chain has the following objectives:
- guide and support a broad target group of children from an early age to learn to listen and play classical music and to involve them in the professional classical music field
- offering children with a talent for playing classical music a supportive pathway into the professional field (playing music, conducting, composing, directing)
- enthuse a broad target group about this sector as a future audience and/or holding another profession in the sector (such as organizational/management positions)
- use the project to strengthen cooperation between institutions in order to create more support for promoting inclusiveness in the classical music sector (Amsterdam region pilot)   

Ultimate: A classical music sector that is attractive and accessible in its broadest sense to an inclusive audience of children and youth.

Project The Chain takes the first steps in collectively increasing diversity and inclusion throughout the sector. The project manager for the pilot phase of The Chain is Gabriela Acosta Camacho.