Mission & vision

Oorkaan opens small and large ears

Oorkaan enriches as many small and big ears as possible with the infinite world of music. Music belongs to everyone and is for everyone. Music can be understood without saying a word. It touches, resonates, inspires, or even irritates you, but above all, it never leaves you unmoved. Music creates space for imagination and wonder. And when music is collectively experienced in a live performance, it connects people.  


Oorkaan is a leading, internationally operating institution with its own Oorkaan Ensemble and collaborates with guest ensembles and orchestras. We make theatrical concerts for young audiences and thus touch audiences of all ages. In the music, the musicians and staff of Oorkaan, in front of and behind the scenes, many different sounds and colors from all over the world can be heard and seen.

Oorkaan makes musical experiences accessible to as many children as possible in the Netherlands. Oorkaan is committed to talent development of musicians and creators and is an international leader in developing the genre of youth music and the theatrical concert.


Oorkaan is based on four pillars:

TO MAKE staged concerts according to the Oorkaan Method.
Oorkaan creates staged concerts according to the unique Oorkaan Method with professional musicians from different backgrounds, directed by creators of today. Music from different countries, genres and times can be heard. We make our productions in a sustainable way. The design, choice of materials and processing of set, costume, props and lighting technology are made as sustainable as possible, with reusable materials and the possibility of reuse.

PLAY: Due to the high quality of performance on a musical and theatrical level, Oorkaan's theatrical concerts connect with the experiences of both young and old audiences.
Oorkaan plays its theatrical concerts for diverse audiences and in diverse places around the world. Because only music is heard, "language is no problem." In the Netherlands we perform in concert halls, festivals and theaters throughout the country. We also look for alternative places to play. An outdoor stage or the gym of an AZC for example. Our productions can also be seen on the most prominent international stages.

DEVELOPING talent, the youth music genre and the theatrical concert.
We develop talent of musicians, creators and staff. We develop the genre of youth music, the Oorkaan Method and the theatrical concert. There is no other place like Oorkaan, where musicians receive intensive training in physical playing, breaking free from their desks and connecting with each other and the audience. There is also no other place where creators create with musicians in the studio from the music, using the score as a script.

CONNECTING our audience with what we do and create through education and participation
We connect our audiences to music through education and participation, connect partners in the field to promote diversity and inclusion and equity in the music industry, and use marketing to find as many audiences as possible for what we do.