Mission vision

Oorkaan opens small and large ears

Oorkaan enriches as many small and large ears as possible with the infinite world of music. Music belongs to and is for everyone. You can understand music without saying a word. It touches, scrufs, inspires or irritates, but above all it never leaves you unmoved. Music creates space for imagination and wonder. And when music is experienced together in a live performance, music connects. 


Music company Oorkaan (since 2001) is a leading, internationally operating national institution with its own Oorkaan Ensemble (since 2021) and collaborates with guest ensembles and orchestras. 


Oorkaan is based on four pillars:

TO MAKE theatrical concerts according to the Oorkaan Method.
Just like a concert, an Oorkaan performance is (almost) without words and there are only musicians on stage. Their playing style is physical, a language that every person - small and big - can identify with. The principles of this method are:
– There are no performers other than instrumental musicians on stage.
– The musicians play all the music from memory.
– Their playing style is physical.
– Music is the only language that can be heard: language no problem.
– Music is the starting and ending point of the creative process.

DEVELOPING talent, the youth music genre and the theatrical concert.
In order to reach as many small and large ears as possible worldwide, Oorkaan shares the Oorkaan Method among makers and musicians in order to further strengthen the position of the genre "theatrical concert" in the programming of concert halls in the (inter)national field. We have been doing this since 2022 through the Jeunesse-Oorkaan-Academy, an international academy based in Vienna and Amsterdam, in collaboration with Jeunesse Austria, MUK Conservatory Vienna and Grafenegg (AT).

PLAY: Due to the high quality of performance on a musical and theatrical level, Oorkaan's theatrical concerts connect with the experiences of both young and old audiences.
Visiting an Oorkaan performance is an experience for the whole family. Oorkaan plays its performances for a diverse audience and in diverse locations. In the Netherlands we visit concert halls, festivals and theaters throughout the country. We also look for alternative play areas. An outdoor stage or the gymnasium of an asylum seekrs centre, for example. Our productions can also be seen internationally on the most prominent stages such as the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and Konzerthaus Wien. We are active in realizing a sustainable tour practice.

CONNECTING our audience with what we do and create through education and participation
Through education and participation programs and performances for schools, we reach a very diverse audience, including many children who would not normally come into contact with live music.

With the Children's Council for Music we bind our young target group to the organization: the children think along and question us critically about our performances and our education and participation program.

In 2021, Oorkaan initiated De Keten, a project to promote inclusivity in the world of global classical music. De Keten unites institutions that feel involved in creating a diverse and inclusive classical music sector.