The Box Brothers

The Box Brothers

The Box Brothers

What does adventure sound like?
Once upon a time there were four brothers who lived in a box, along with their best friend Big Drum. Of course they all had their own names as well: Oldest, Youngest, Middle-One and Dumbest. They were always fighting over nothing. Because they grew tired of arguing, they decided to go on a journey with Big Drum, in search of happiness.

The Box Brothers is a percussion concert for everyone aged 4 and up: an exciting production with few words, infectious percussion, acrobatics and lots of humour, performed by Percossa.


On Stage

On Stage


René Spierings/Romeo Cimarosti
Eric Robillard/Freek Koopmans 
Janwillem van der Poll/Luuk van Rossum 
Glenn Liebaut

Percossa uses a whole array of instruments and plays every possible rhythm to convey the most hilarious, moving and spectacular theatrical inventions. No wonder that Percossa has grown into a worldwide sensation in recent years.

Behind the scenes

Margrith Vrenegoor director
Har Smeets voice over
Peter Claassen video images
Joris Speelman set design
Judith de Zwart costume and props
Tom Verheijen light design

“They use timed pauses to make the room to vibrate. The teasing that goes on between them evolves into slapstick comedy. Because all of the gesture and mimicry used is so literally and unpretentiously ingrained in the four musicians, their clowning often reduces the room to helpless laughter.”
De Volkskrant

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