What do colours sound like? Who can understand the moon? What is the sun saying? What sounds lower – a double bass or a drum? How do you play a fl ash? How do you sing a tree? How many colours does a dream have? Glimpse transports you to an enchanted dream world, in which sounds and images play an exciting game with one another and with you. It is a music performance for toddlers and their (grand)parents, in which musicians, music, images, technology and audiences embark on a special friendship.

Glimpse is a small-scale production for audiences of a maximum of 80 children and parents.


On Stage

Lotte van Dijck - vocals/images
Lotte van Dijck - vocals/images
Tony Overwater - violone/composition
Tony Overwater - violone/composition
Rob Kloet - percussion/composition
Rob Kloet - percussion/composition

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Bram de Goeij director
Atty Kingma costumes
Machiel Veltkamp/Maplab development software

Glimp was made in collaboration with MAPLAB – the HKU Media and Performance Laboratory. Many thanks to Ingrid Wolff/Festival Twee Turven Hoog


Winner YAMawards 2015 for ‘best music production of the year’ and ‘best small ensemble’
“A magical production for 2-4 year olds that integrates light and visuals in the most extraordinary way. Masterfully played, the performance maintains an exemplary balance between the music, its graphic elements and the interaction with the children. Their primary role as excellent jazz musicians is never overshadowed by the visuals, rather, it gives the audience a new way to relate and explore a world of music and sounds.”


In Glimpse, you hear music composed by Tony Overwater and Rob Kloet.

“Oorkaan knows how to touch precisely the right chord with the children. The performance is distinguished by its poetry and musicality. But what makes it so good is that it gives the young audience just enough leads to stir their imagination. And that means that the performance contributes to developing creativity. That is a beautiful function of theatre – and not just for children.”
De Theaterkrant

Funded by

Glimpse is funded by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Aankomende concerten

Oorkaan Ensemble
8:00 uur,

Dag van de Componist
New Music NOW Express, treinreis vanaf Amsterdam
met stops in Almere-Stad, Zwolle, Arnhem, Den Bosch en Utrecht

met het Oorkaan Ensemble
13:00 uur,

Festival Het Groene Geheim, Almere

Workshop ‘Maak je eigen hoorspel’
11:30 uur,

Kunstfestival IkToon, Hilversum
Gratis workshop

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