Muzikale Catwalk

How does it sound?

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, in collaboration with Oorkaan, presents the Muzikale Catwalk (6+). With chief conductor Daniele Gatti and actress Maartje van de Wetering, the orchestra provides a dazzling show of enchanting musical pieces. The musical catwalk runs right through the auditorium. Get up close and personal with the musicians and their instruments!
In this Family Concert, a princess takes us on a musical journey as she searches for the musician who fits the lost shoe. The journey begins with the fairytale sounds of Ravel's Ma mère l'oye. Stravinsky takes the princess into his First suite along to Italy, Spain and beyond. In Tchaikovsky's Suite 'The Nutcracker' we hear the Sugar Fairy dancing, and the princess ends up in Russia and Arabia. Attention! A fun preliminary program starts 40 minutes before curtain-up.


on stage

on stage

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
led by. Daniele Gatti

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra has been among the absolute best in the world for 125 years. What makes the orchestra unique? Critics repeatedly praise the orchestral sound, which is recognizable out of thousands. The strings sound "velvety", the brass has a "golden" sound, the timbre of the woodwinds is very personal and the percussionists from Amsterdam have built up world fame. Here, the special acoustics of The Concertgebouw, built to a design by architect A.L. van Gendt, play an important role. But not every orchestra sounds like the Concertgebouw Orchestra in the Great Hall.

actress Maartje van de Wetering

After graduating from the Amsterdam Toneelschool&Kleinkunstacademie in 2008, Maartje was offered a permanent position with the Noord Nederlands Toneel in Groningen, where she played many wonderful roles in productions such as Medea, Salomé, Fellini and Much Ado About Nothing. In September 2015, Maartje said goodbye to the NNT and decided to continue as a freelance actress. She has appeared in performances by Toneelgroep Amsterdam and De Toneelschuur and in 2016 played in the family performance The Peanut Butter Prince by Orkater, Holland Baroque and Oorkaan. Maartje can also be seen regularly in cinema and on television. She played in films such as Daglicht, Mannenharten 2 and Waldstille and the police series Flikken Rotterdam. In late February 2017, Maartje performed with the Orkest van het Oosten at the Royal Concertgebouw with the family concert Midsummer Night's Dream by Mendelssohn.

Behind the scenes

concept and direction Caecilia Thunnissen after an idea of Anne Vegter costumes Johanna Trudzinski lighting design Teus van der Stelt dramaturgy Erin Coppens directory assistance Kenza Koutchoukali

This family concert by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is in collaboration with Oorkaan.

The music

Ravel - from Ma mère l'oye: 3 parts from cinq pièces enfantines
Petit Poucet
Jardin Féerique

Stravinsky - Suite no 1

Tchaikovsky - from The Nutcracker
March of the toy soldiers
Dance of the Sugar Fairy
Russian dance (Trepak)
Arab dance
Chinese dance
Dance of the reed whistles
Semi-tribute: Russian dance (repeat)

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