The Brothers Chest

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Once upon a time, there were four brothers. They were called The Coffin Brothers. Nobody knew whether they were called that because they lived in a coffin or whether they lived in a coffin because that was their name. Of course, they each also had their own name: Oldest, Youngest, Middle and Stupid. And they had Big Trump, like other people have a dog or a canary. One night they set off with Great Drum, in search of happiness....

The Brothers Chest is an exciting performance with few words, infectious percussion, acrobatics and lots of humor, performed by Percossa.

Advisory age: 4+
Language No Problem

Listening guide:

On the stage

On the stage

Percossa playing and percussion

Eric Robillard/Freek Koopmans play/percussion
René Spierings/Romeo Cimarosti play/percussion
Janwillem van der Poll/Luuk van Rossum play/percussion
Glenn Liebaut play/percussion

Percossa uses everything loose and stuck as an instrument and plays all possible rhythms to convey the most hilarious, moving and spectacular theatrical inventions. As an audience you are on the edge of your seat and are thrown from one emotion into another. Not for nothing has Percossa grown into a worldwide sensation over the past ten years. Percossa has been playing The Coffin Brothers for years with great success at home and abroad.

Behind the scenes

Margrith Vrenegoor Direction
Margrith Vrenegoor is known for her multidisciplinary performances, including many children's concerts with orchestra: Concert for 1,000 Stars, Concert for Rafiq and Hear, See and ... dance! For Oorkaan she directed the a.o.  Singing Dogs Don't Bark (2001), Tiger and Bear Go Treasure-Digging (2007) and BV The Piano Men (2009). In 2014-2015 Margrith created for Oorkaan with the Wëreldband the production To the sharks? And in 2015-2016, she and Percossa made the production Tigers on the stairs.

Har Smeets vote
Peter Claassen video image
Joris Speelman design
Judith de Zwart costumes and props
Tom Verheijen lighting design
Maarten van Dorp Technic

Publicity image: Anna van Kooij.

the music

At The Brothers Chest you will hear music composed by Toek Numan, Jacques Offenbach, John Williams and Percossa.

Toek Numan/edited by Percossa, text Margrith Vrenegoor - Anthem
Toek Numan/bew. Percossa, text André Sollie - Not Afraid
Jacques Offenbach/edited by Percossa - Cancan
John Williams/bew. Percossa - Raiders March
All other music in The Brothers Chest was written by Percossa.

"They combine Japanese percussion with African rhythms or minimal music, jazz, funk and dance into one big rhythm party, with toddlers in the room jumping."
Anita Twaalfhoven,Trouw (Feb. 9, 2011)

For at home

Rock as acrobatically as Percossa? You don't need any instruments for that! In fact, you have enough on your own if you do 'body percussion'! Body is English for body. Percussion means percussion.

How it works. Each sound you make with your body. Clack your tongue, clap your hands, pat your chest, stomp your feet, anything goes! Alternate the different sounds and make your own rhythm. Are you ready? Then start here the video, then Percossa will explain how it works. Have fun!

PS. If you do well, send us a video of your own body percussion show. Then we will put that movie here on the website too!

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