Superball, Lollipop and Mr. Classic

#hoeklinkt...BOLD and MAGICAL

Beatbox meets classical percussion (for 8 to 108 years) 

This theatrical concert by Oorkaan and HIIIT (formerly Slagwerk Den Haag) has its own sound, listening experience and visual power for everyone aged 8 and up. Enter the world of beats and classical percussion. 

What is your #battle? During this theatrical concert you will be carried away by the power of beatbox and classical percussion. The three musicians in Superball, Lollipop & Mr. Classic tell a story without words, but with its own rhythm. Beatboxing, music and dance moves come together in an exciting game in which we move to the beat we all know, the beat of our own heart. What do we need? Ourselves and each other! Are you ready to follow your own rhythm? When our rhythms come together we are indestructible! 

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On the stage

Human beat boxer B-Art
Percussion Maria Martínez Paya
Percussion Vitaly Medvedev

Bart Vogt, better familiar if B Art, began of beatboxing when he fifteen year was old. He discovered beat box by a YouTube video and used to be enchanted by the possibilities of the human voice! In addition felt he himself straight away attracted to the community that so terribly close is and driven is becoming by means of so-called beatbox battles. To be drive became to join at to do at this one battles. After countless hours training and participation at all possible national and International battles are he in the meantime three time Dutch champion and vice world champion beatboxing. 

Maria Martínez Paya is a Spanish freelance musician and has been based in the Netherlands for nine years. She learned the trade of percussionist in her home country, but also did classical training in Rotterdam for a number of years. The percussion instruments she can play are now countless. She could be heard in the musical De Lion King and during the tour Verder by Simone Kleinsma, with keyboardist Menno Theunissen (Diana en Zonen, among others). With her former duo Lip Stick Percussion Duo together with Laura Trompetter, she has performed on many different stages and festivals in the Netherlands, such as De Doelen and the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. She also participated in various TV shows such as Podium Witteman and the Klokhuis. Since 2019, Maria is a member of the percussion entertainment group Drumboost and the salsa band Seis en Salsa led by Thomas Böttcher.  

Already studied at the age of seven Vitaly Medvedev at one of the most prestigious music schools in Russia. He later obtained his bachelor's degree in music (percussion) at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen and a master's degree in percussion at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In recent years Vitaly has developed into a multidisciplinary performer and has appeared as a musician / dancer / actor in performances by NITE, Orkater, Oorkaan and Schweigman&. He also performed with leading Dutch contemporary music ensembles, such as Klang, Asko | Schönberg, Silbersee, Ragazze Quartet, Cappella Amsterdam and founded the contemporary music and performance ensemble SonoLab together with percussionist Mei-Yi Lee.

Behind the scenes

Direction: Cornelia Voglmayr 
Musical direction:
Pep Garcia
: B-Art Voogt
Maria Martinez Paya & Vitaly Medvedev
Musical advice:
Mando Beatbox, Abdelhadi Baaddi
Lighting design & tour technology:
Martin Kaffarnik
Concept and artistic direction:
Caecilia Thunnissen
Kim Rombouts
Afke Manshanden
Production: Stephie Kolman 

Music credits
Iannis Xenakis, Thierry De Mey, BCManjunath, Christos Hatzis, Pepe Garcia. 

Director Cornelia Voglmayr (Jeunesse-Orange Academy alumnus) is a freelance danceeres and choreographer, based in Vienna. After obtaining her BA in Dance Theater from “TrinityLaban – conservatory or music and dance/ London, she was a member of Jasmin Vardimon Company JV2 and worked them with various choreographers. Toured as a choreographer Cornelia with her performances through England, France, Norway, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. Her musical background led to collaborations with musicians/bands such as Federspiel, Duo Kutrowatz, Manu Delago, Marie Spaemann, Zsofia Boros, Ludwig Lusser, Gilbert Handlers. She has been working with the company since 2017 KörperVerstand and she shares her knowledge about community dance in workshops.  

Pep Garcia is a versatile percussionist/performer based in the Netherlands. His interest in classical percussion, hand drumming, composition and improvisation has led to performances in a wide spectrum of musical and artistic forms. With a big heart for social projects, he works as co-founder of Sonoro Foundation and community trainer at Musicians without Borders (MwB) in El Salvador (Soy Música). He is currently affiliated with the faculty of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and a permanent guest lecturer/advisor at various conservatories in Mexico and Latin America 

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2:00 p.m.,

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11:00 a.m.,

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