Talent Development

The fact that Oorkaan is a multiple winner of the international Young Audiences Music Award (YAMaward) for the best music productions for children, indicates that Oorkaan occupies a unique position in the performing arts and is a global forerunner in the field of the genre of youth music. From that role, Oorkaan invests in building new audiences and in the talent development of creators and young talented musicians. At Oorkaan they are given the space within the OTOPs (Oorkaan Talent Development Programs) to develop a new vision of making and playing for young and old.

Musicians and ensembles who pitch their ideas during the Grachtenfestival have a chance to win the Oorkaan Prize: a participation in O-TOP, a three-day workshop in the unique Oorkaan method. Under the guidance of artistic director Caecilia Thunnissen and a theater/play coach, the musicians will go to work with a young talented director who already has experience working with the Oorkaan method. For three days the musicians explore the Oorkaan method, working on basic playing techniques and placing the music and body in space. They will conclude the last day with a public presentation at the Grachtenfestival.