The Men of Minsk

How does it sound?

How does brave sound? Boom! Boom! Bang! Big bang! Will you stop up there! Soon the Men of Minsk will come and put you in a pillow, with your ears and nose in between. The Men of Minsk will do this to you! And the Men of Minsk will give you that! And they will give you I know what! You don't dare think about it, it's going to be that bad!

Annie and Bertje don't want to go to sleep. Their parents threaten that the Men of Minsk will come for them if they don't crawl under the covers and turn out the lights right now. The Matangi Quartet and singers Marieke Steenhoek and Wiebe-Pier Cnossen bring the disruptive world of Minsk to life in a virtuoso and hilarious manner. Peter-Jan Wagemans composed the music and Robbert-Jan Henkes and Erik Bindervoet wrote the libretto.

Premiere: Sept. 29, 2013 at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam.
Last played January 5, 2014.


On the stage

On the stage

Matangi Quartet:
Maria-Paula Major violin/gibeltarioliano
Daniel Torrico Menacho fiddle/loud horn
Karsten Kleijer viola/contrakalebastrum
Arno van der Vuurst cello/temporal tingling

Marieke Steenhoek soprano/playing
Wiebe-Pier Cnossen baritone/playing
Marlieke Reusink-Schoorl puppeteer


Peter-Jan Wagemans composition
Erik Bindervoet libretto/drawings
Robbert-Jan Henkes libretto
Gienke Deuten Direction
Bram de Goeij assistance direction
Marlyn Coetsier coach puppetry
Jacqueline van Eeden design and dolls
Desirée van Gelderen lighting design
Geert Jonkers minsk instruments
Guido Hagen Technic

The Men of Minsk is a co-production of Oorkaan and Matangi Quartet.

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