One way trip to Mars

How does it sound?

What does extraterrestrial sound like? Three, two, one ... into the sky! There you go, waving to Earth, heading for a new world. Through the atmosphere, floating without gravity in the universe. The journey is long and intense, but magical, enchanting. Then at last: Mars, red, barren, breathtakingly empty. Or is it not? Strange, mysterious things happen... What does the unprecedented feel, sound, smell, look like? And, is it really forever? One way trip to Mars is a tough and poetic performance full of music and sound and a touch of humor, in which the wind players of Calefax, as Mars travelers, undergo the unknown and taste the unheard.

Listening guide:

On the stage

On the stage

CALEFAX music and play

Oliver Boekhoorn oboe
Ivar Berix clarinet
Jelte Althuis bass clarinet
Raaf Hekkema saxophone
Alban Wesly bassoon

Five passionate wind players. Virtuoso players and brilliant arrangers. The inventors of a whole new genre: the reed quintet. An inspiration for the new generation of reed wind players worldwide following in their footsteps. A classical ensemble with a pop mentality. That is Calefax.



Dagmar Slagmolen Direction

Dagmar Slagmolen is a director, actress and cellist who works with a wide variety of companies including Orkater and her own music theater company Via Berlin and ensembles (from duos, through quartets and octets to choirs and orchestras) in search of cross-fertilization and new forms to bring (classical) music into the limelight through movement. Music is always the main storyteller.

Wout van Tongeren dramaturgy
Hester Jolink design
Atty Kingma costumes
Desirée van Gelderen lighting design
Guido Hagen/Gijs Hietkamp/
Kim van der Zijde/Paul Zwarenstein Technic

Publicity image Anna van Kooij, Isabel Cordeiro

Enkele Reis Mars is a co-production of Calefax Reed Quintet and Oorkaan.

The music

At One way trip to Mars you will hear compositions by Bach, Stravinsky and Schumann, among others.

Anonymous/arr. Oliver Boekhoorn Parts from Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
Wouter Snoei Particles
J.S.Bach/Busoni/arr. Jelte Althuis Chaconne from Partita no. 2 BWV1004
Arvo Pärt/arr. Jelte Althuis Pari Intervallo
Igor Stravinsky Two movements from Three pieces for Clarinet
Raaf Hekkema Get it!
Jelte Althuis Danger and struggle
Robert Schumann/arr. Raaf Hekkema Jagdlied from Waldszenen op 82
Bob Zimmerman The Finale
Wouter Snoei Soundscapes

"When they exit the rocket with homemade wind organs as oxygen bottles on their backs, a magical fusion of rarefied sound, image and acting performance ensues."
NRC - Brechtje Swanfield

For at home


What do you need?
An empty plastic bottle, scissors, cotton wool, red paper, white paper and glue.

How does it work?
1. Rinse the empty bottle and remove the label. You can easily get the label off by putting the bottle in warm water.
2. Stick the red paper on the empty bottle. Don't stick anything around the cap yet, that's where the cotton wool will come later.
3. Download the windows by clicking on the download button at the bottom, print it out and cut out the windows. If you have a picture of yourself that you get to cut into, you can stick yourself behind the window (or your dad/mom/boyfriend/girlfriend).
4. Finally, stick the cotton wool near the cap, at the bottom of the rocket. This way it looks like the rocket is taking off with lots of smoke!
There you go...into the air with your own rocket! You won't believe your ears!

Made possible by

Enkele Reis Mars is made possible by Fonds 21, Fonds Henri Fock, Het Kersjesfonds, Fonds 1818, Het Haarlemsche Muziekfonds, Stichting Boschuysen, Flentrop Orgelbouw, Gravin van Bylandt Stichting and Centre for Human Drug Research.

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De Haere estate, Olst

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Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
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2:00 p.m.,

Likeminds, Amsterdam
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