Watch the teaser of Tempo!

Hup hup hup, hurry to our website, because Tempo with the Oorkaan Ensemble is really about to premiere!

The members of the Oorkaan Ensemble tear through the musical dimension like experienced game avatars. They rush, jump, collide, run and come to a stop again. But who actually sets the tempo? The rhythms are flying around their ears! If only that goes well... Playing with notes, chords and each other, we take a journey through music full of unexpected twists and surprising musical levels. We turn left, right or miss a turn but always end up back on the same track.

As masters of their musical controllers, they master their instruments to perfection, playing Western classical in "Tempo" ranging from Beethoven, Brahms and Vivaldi. As if that were not enough, they also unlock new levels with contemporary classical works composed especially for them.

Premiere: March 3 in Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg. Don't miss it!