Beatbox meets classical percussion

This staged concert by Oorkaan and Slagwerk Den Haag percussion group has a distinctive sound, listening experience and visual power to thrill everyone over the age of eight. Get immersed in the world of beats and classical percussion. 

What's your #battle? You'll be carried away by the power of beatbox and classical percussion in this staged concert. The three musicians in Superball, Lollipop & Mr. Classic tell a story without words, but with its own rhythm. Beatboxing, music and dance moves blend together in an exciting game, and we move to the beat we all know - the beat of our own heart. What do we need? Ourselves and each other! Are you ready to follow your own rhythm? When all our rhythms join together, we are indestructible! 

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On Stage

On Stage

Superball, Lollipop & Mr. Classic is a collaboration with Slagwerk Den Haag and guest beatboxer Bart Voogt, alias B-Art. ‘Beatbox meets classical percussion’ is the theme of the show. The music was arranged by Pepe Garcia, percussionist and teacher at Slagwerk Den Haag. The performance was directed by Cornelia Voglmayr, dancer and choreographer, who has worked with such dance companies as Sasha Waltz.
The musicians on stage play all the music off by heart and have been trained by Caecilia Thunnissen in the physical acting style so typical of Oorkaan. They have been trained as theatrical performing musicians, according to the Oorkaan Method.


Iannis Xenakis, Thierry De Mey, Steve Reich, B.C.Manjunath, Christos Hatzis, Pepe Garcia.  

Director: Cornelia Voglmayr
Musical director: Pepe Garcia
Beatbox: B-Art Voogt
Percussion: Maria Martinez Paya and Vitaly Medvedev
Musical advisors: Mando Beatbox, Abdelhadi Baaddi
Lighting designer and tour technician: Martin Kaffarnik
Concept and artistic director: Caecilia Thunnissen
Costumes: Kim Rombouts
Set: Afke Manshanden
Production: Stephie Kolman