The Music Factory

The Music Factory

The Music Factory

The five Calefax men work in a pipe factory. Every day they do the same and that suits them fine. So there is great panic when one day the orders stop coming in. The men decide to experiment with the pipes and inadvertently invent a musical instrument, which happens to sound really good as well! This turns out to be the start of a wild musical adventure with wind instruments. The Music Factory is a humorous performance without words, but with lots and lots of music.


On Stage

On Stage

CALEFAX music/play

Oliver Boekhoorn oboe
Ivar Berix clarinet
Raaf Hekkema saxophone
Jelte Althuis (bass) clarinet
Alban Wesly bassoon

Five passionate wind players. Virtuoso musicians and brilliant arrangers. The creators of a completely new genre: the reed quintet. They are a source of inspiration to a fresh generation reed players that follows in their footsteps. A classical ensemble with a pop mentality: meet Calefax.

“The performance (..) is outstanding. Not a single word is spoken, but the musicians turn out to be talented mime artists that tell a humorous and touching story on social relationships through movement and music”
Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Annechien Koerselman director and script
Oda Buijs acting coach
Joris Speelman set
Zita Winnubst costumes
Desirée van Gelderen light design


The Music Factory was awarded the prestigious Junge Ohren Preis (Young Ears Prize) 2012, for the best music production for young audiences. In their report, the jury said: “The Music Factory gives a brief, fascinating and lively glimpse of the history, construction and playing technique of reed instruments, through musical forms of communication. The structure of the arranged compositions and styles of music is made accessible for children in an exciting, non-verbal plot. The project serves as a good example in the way it encourages children to experiment.”

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